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As 2019 rolls around, Pigment will be entering its 33rd year of designing and distributing greeting cards. We still joke about the olden days of crayons and felt tips, flitter and pritt sticks, but surprisingly they still play a major part in our modern card sampling process - especially the flitter, which also forms a major part of everyone's daily make-up... including the men!

Managing Director and co-owner Ian O'Brien recalls with awe the typewriter, the 3 layers of carbon paper and insane amounts of tippex that went into each invoice (thankfully there were only a few!) in those early days.

Our evolution from a back bedroom in a terraced house in Beeston, South Leeds to a newly revitalised office and studio in Harrogate has been both turbulent and enjoyable.

Nowadays our totally focused staff and an IT revolution have helped facilitate our recent growth. Pigment now operates from its designer Harrogate base with a further 4 warehouses in Ripon distributing the booty!

Our beginnings in photographic scenic cards quickly evolved into reproduction Victorian photography, pinched primarily from Ian’s great grandfather’s photo album and later, with a smattering of humourous captions applied, Pigment’s destiny was laid out. Since these times, humour - coupled with sepia photography - has been Pigment’s mainstay, but just recently art and trend seasoned with a good sprinkling of laughs, and also sentiment, have brought new successes.

Our ethos for the future remains the same as it has always been: pair up great design with great words in new and exciting ways; provide the best service, quickly; price it fairly and hopefully dispatch lots of it, using our happy team, to all those wonderfully brave retailers fighting the greeting card cause on the front line.

Oh and let’s not forget our key purpose …. to hopefully put a smile on the faces of both Card senders and receivers everywhere!

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