Meet The Team


From the humble beginnings of one man and his Citroen 2CV, back in the eighties (max speed 63 mph), Pigment's sales team now boasts a handsome fleet of both cars and people! Max speed now... well, speed cameras, dodgy hips and all that!?

Nowadays, our nine sturdy national sales reps fight the front line of greeting card emancipation, keeping the nation's independents well stocked. Small groups and non-nationals sit under the watchful eye of our supreme former rep, Elaine Gallie, whilst our whole Sales division is carefully monitored by our brand figurehead and co-director, Stephen Baker. In turn, Stephen works closely with fellow director, Martin Powderly to ensure we are continually plied with exciting new and often bespoke material, usually delivered hot off the press (quite literally) from our lively Design Studio.

Behind the scenes, admin and finance departments work tirelessly to provide the essential backup, with a heartfelt emphasis on customer service. Our IT department services all areas of the business and as we know from its impact on our personal lives, we can never under-estimate IT’s importance. How did we ever manage before?

Our teams work continually to ensure slick logistics and tight procedures and consequently we are always willing to accommodate customer-specific requirements, where possible.

Ever devoted too is our distribution team that pushes the booty out of the rather busy doors of our newly tailored warehouses near Ripon - 'just a few mile up t'road'

Just one big happy family!

Meet The Team RHS