Our Studio


We still joke about the olden days of crayons and felt tips, flitter and pritt sticks, but surprisingly they still play a major part in our modern card sampling process - especially the flitter! It also forms a major part of everyone's daily make-up... Including the men

'There is no doubt that the advent of the Apple Mac in the mid 90s changed card design drastically. I recall the first Mac we bought', says Ian O’Brien, it had the worst user manual ever written, as we painstakingly fathomed out its various programmes. He also recalls how futuristic it looked for a computer, but seeing one in a retro bar just recently 'it struck me just how old fashioned it now looked, only 20 years later' he says.

Our fast moving, agile little studio now boasts lots of up to date kit which enables it to produce the vast quantity of new and exciting material Pigment is now well known for.

'We are very proud of our studio' says Creative Director, Martin Powderly, who has been around the industry a few years, 'I still love the the hubbub of a busy, but well managed studio and seeing the team quickly turn innovative ideas into customer presentations in days, sometimes hours, is fantastic' he says.

We have lots of in-house experience in design and writing plus the support of some of the best freelance designers in the business. Add to that our collaborations with big licenses, such as Alice Scott and Happy Jackson, we feel like a well oiled machine!

Meet The Team RHS