Where We Are


According to Yorkshire folk, there are 3 main places in the county beginning with B, - Bradford, Bingley and 'Blooming 'Arrogate' - the posh bit!

But who are the lucky ones? Well we are of course and we know our neighbours really love a day out here in Harrogate, as do many people from afar.

Its exhibition heritage makes Harrogate a lively, but laid back town and its abundance of bars, restaurants and tea rooms keeps a regular crowd well fed and watered.

Pigment’s main office, formerly a stable block and until recently, our main warehouse, has undergone a major facelift and is now a fantastic quirky hubbub of greeting card activity.

No expense was spared on the pallets and old kitchen work tops that form the main work stations in the admin office; nor the designer wallpaper - well we say wallpaper, but really it is photocopies of greeting cards produced over the last 32 years, blown up and pasted on the walls.

It all makes for a most amazing, warm, spacious and creative environment. If only the weather were so accommodating!

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