General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - Data Privacy Policy

Pigment Productions Ltd is an independent company that cherishes and embraces the diversity, experiences, and skills of all their employees, associates and suppliers, who in turn contribute to the smooth and efficient running of the business to deliver the highest quality products that our equally diverse spectrum of customers demand.

Debbie Saltmarsh, General Manager at Pigment Productions Ltd , is the designated Data Manager which reflects how serious the company is about the safeguarding of personal data held by the company.

To safeguard data, however, information or data sharing between all parties needs to be precise and controlled, while remaining secure. Although data can be kept in many formats, a large proportion of it is held and processed electronically. To assist with this process, Pigment Productions Ltd have invested in their own highly skilled IT Team who design and resource the necessary systems to effectively manage and protect the data used. All the collective data now held by Pigment Productions Ltd has been provided by individuals to maintain business working relationships and may include private, personal, sensitive and/or confidential information. This data will only be used as agreed, for the purpose for which it was obtained, and will only be shared with others to satisfy mutual core supply chain needs.

Data may also need to be shared if required to do so by law, for the administration of justice or for the well-being of any individual, either in the UK or internationally.

Data of any type will never be made available for sale, rent, or sharing with third parties or for marketing or any other purpose.

Contact or Complaints

Individuals have the right to request information about what personal data of theirs is held; how their individual personal data is processed; that anything inaccurate in ‘your’ data is corrected immediately; and have the right, when lawfully requested, to have your data removed.

This policy will be updated to reflect legislative changes or as other needs are identified. Any such changes will apply to you and your data immediately, and if they affect how your personal data is processed, the Data Manager will take reasonable steps to let you know.

All personal data requests, concerns, or complaints should be made with the Data Manager directly at the address above along with any questions or queries you may have. Complaints can also be directed to the independent regulators at the Information Commissioners Office at

Quality and Environmental Policy

Pigment Productions Ltd is a leading design and distributor of bespoke greeting cards supplying all major retailers and distribution channels and strives to maintain an environmentally sustainable business.

Pigment Productions Ltd is committed to legal, ethical and sustainable management practices for the welfare of anyone connected with their business or products through a resourceful and proactive management policy designed to maintain a healthy environment though their supply chain for now and into the future.

It is Pigment Productions’ policy to continually improve its processes and supplying of greetings cards that exceed customer satisfaction for quality whilst aiming to minimise any environmental impacts associated with our services.

The company have developed an integrated management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, with the aim of ensuring continual improvement in all their ethical, legal and moral processes along with compliance with applicable legislation.

Pigment Productions’ Organisational Context has been used in the development of this policy by considering both external and internal factors that are relevant to the company’s strategic direction. When identified, key issues are resolved so that the organisation’s ability to achieve the intended results of the Integrated Management System are not compromised.

Pigment Productions Ltd is committed to:

Pigment Productions Ltd are committed to a process of continuous improvement, in all areas of their business through a regular programme of management audits and reviews to ensure that this Policy, and other business policies, are forward thinking, effective and compliant, and reserve the right to amend them if and when the need is identified.

This Policy is communicated to all employees, people working for or on behalf of Pigment Productions Ltd, and other interested parties on request.

Modern Day Slavery Act (MSA) Statement 2020

Human Trafficking, Slavery, Servitude & Forced or Compulsory Labour.


Human Trafficking is described as the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one place to another, for the purposes of forced labour and/or sexual exploitation.

Slavery & Servitude involves relationships whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls their life, liberty, and/or fortune and exploits them for financial gain.

Policy Statement according to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) 2015.

Human Trafficking, Slavery & Servitude are areas of criminality that are becoming increasingly noticed worldwide, and on a scale that was unimaginable only a few years ago, and we at Pigment Products Ltd know it has already impacted the Greeting Card Industry here in the UK. As members of SEDEX, we know we need to do more to prevent such activities and by adopting a more proactive policy of supplier selection, Pigment Productions Ltd can contribute to safeguarding more individuals, at home and abroad, as well as ensuring these illegal and unethical practices are consigned to history. By introducing proactive auditing and other preventative measures with immediate effect, we can ensure the human rights of anyone working in this and other industries are being upheld.

Pigment Productions Ltd fall outside the scope of Sect 54, MSA 2015, but make this voluntary policy change and statement to show their commitment to acting ethically, and with integrity and transparency, in all business areas to safeguard and protect potential victims against any form of modern slavery within all of their product supply chains.

This commitment by Pigment Productions Ltd will be carried throughout all supply chains and the company will continue to carefully review and select suppliers to ensure the integrity of their business, in addition to achieving the usual quality and time scale targets. It is essential the word ‘quality’ reflects, not just the final product, but also the unseen supply chain activities attributed to the business.

Pigment Productions Ltd and/or their customers or appointed agents reserve the right to visit suppliers, without appointment if necessary, for the purposes of ethical audits to ensure compliance in all these areas. As a matter of policy, all supply contracts are now subject to this condition, which if breached, or found to be non-compliant in any way, can result in the cancellation of contracts at no cost to Pigment Productions Ltd who reserve the right, if required, to involve national enforcement agencies.